Law Firms, large and small: Cassels & Associates LLC has qualified, trained and experienced personnel to assist with case and trial preparation, including field investigation, scene examination and documentation, securing of potential evidence, interviewing, statement-taking, witness preparation and summons and subpoena serving. The firm has contacts within different fields of expertise and can help find expert witnesses for your case. We do background and skip trace investigations.

Commercial insurance companies in all lines: The firm can assist you in gathering facts and information quickly when the claim first comes in. We can provide thorough and timely investigations in a cost effective manner to help you make decisions on how to proceed. We can work with your legal counsel on major losses that appear questionable or suspect. We can help with simple claim needs to more extensive investigations, including, but not limited to, suspect death claims, questionable life insurance applications, fire losses, other property damage or losses, motor vehicle accident/injury cases. We are not insurance adjusters but we work as part of your team to reach a successful resolution.

Retail stores and all private sector companies: The firm can help you with suspect employee thefts and frauds and other matters of concern whether you're a large corporation or a small business. We work with your senior staff in a team concept to provide recommendations and investigative assistance in a discreet and confidential manner.

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